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Dictionary Linguee


The Guardian: &quotSmartphone owners are spoiled for choice when it comes to dictionary apps, but Linguee looks like it could dislodge your current favourite from your homescreen. It translates between a number of languages, with quick tools for searching. And it works offline too.&quotThe dictionary Linguee is used by millions of people.- Translations in French, Spanish, German and more- Reliable: Created by over 400 lexicographers- Fast: Translations after entering just the first few letters- The dictionary is free and also available offlineLinguee is a new kind of dictionary app for French-English, Spanish-English and other language pairs. You will find reliable translations in the shortest time, even when you&39re offline.SPANISH-ENGLISH AND OTHER LANGUAGESDictionary for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, and Polish. All dictionaries are bidirectional - you search simultaneously in Spanish-English and English-Spanish.EDITORIAL DICTIONARYOur editorial dictionary was compiled by over 400 lexicographers in order to be capable of providing answers to the most difficult of queries.TRANSLATION SEARCHAdditionally, with the help of the integrated translation search engine, you have access to over one billion translations from the Internet. QUICK SEARCHTranslations of words and phrases are shown after entering just the first few letters. Even inadvertent typing errors are intelligently corrected. OFFLINE MODEThe editorial dictionaries can be downloaded for free and are subsequently available for use even when you&39re offline. This allows you, for example, to look up terms while you are abroad and have no data connection.EXAMPLE SENTENCESYou will find examples sentences containing all the words you search for.PRONUNCIATIONAll of the dictionary entries have been recorded audibly by professional speakers.


Improvements in downloading offline dictionaries.




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