Developer Google Commerce Ltd
Version 7.0 and up
Price Users Interact, Shares Location
Age Limit PEGI 3Learn more
Total Votes 110
Latest check Draugiem
Size 59M
Policy Link
Developer Email [email protected]
Android Version 1.0.89
Number Install 10,000
Updated Date June 30, 2021
Address Krasta 44, Rīga, LV-1003


Roadgames is a full-fledged scavenger hunt at the tip of your fingers, made for adventurers who strive for new experiences outside of the beaten paths. Car rides, bicycle tours, or walks full of discoveries – this is your holiday guide in the form of competitions in the Roadgames app.Together with your team in the app and reality, you will perform a series of exciting tasks, which will make your inner competitor&39s spirit come alive. We will take you to iconic places, as well as hidden locations you weren&39t even aware of. Whether this is your first scavenger hunt or the hundredth, the Roadgames app will be your private guide 24/7 in rediscovering the world, while fun and competing with others. The Roadgames game consists of various tasks for the attentive Matchmaker, Explorer, G-Spot, creative Groupie, Coder, active Sprinter, Hunter, and erudite Expert, Detective, Golddigger. In location-based tasks you need to find answers to questions in a certain location on the map, meanwhile, photo and video challenges will make you think outside of the box, and provide quirky photos and videos to reflect on for the years to come. Get the app and join the ever-growing community of scavenger hunters!Core features:• Specially selected, amazing, and significant task places • New destinations or game areas every week• Intuitive gameplay and user-friendly interface• Diversity of tasks - location-based, augmented reality AR, etc.• In-game chat with players and game organizers• Top players and instant evaluation of results after the game• Access to all games at any time 24/7


Improved matchmaker orderingImplemented map for hunter &amp coder results viewAdded chat reply functionand other improvements




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